The Basic Steps To Secure Your Facebook Profile.

I'm a big fan of Facebook but on the other hand I make sure my account is secure and away from those weird members on facebook ( will not all ). As you all know, theres a lot of news on TV about a picture being used to solicit money and pretending in need of finacial help. So please be aware. So heres the easy steps to prevent it while it's not too late.
1. Your primary picture is not a picture of you or with you family members.

2. Now go to settings and edit all the neccessary steps to make you profile private.
   Example: Profile - Only friends can see.
                  Search -Only friends can search my facebook profile.
                  Wall -    Only friends can see my wall.
                  Friends - Only friends can see my friends.
                  Applications - Only friends can see my applications or you can disable it all.
                  and so much more.
3. When you upload pictures - go to profile and click photos. And from there you will see the title of the album, location, discription and the drop down menu,who can see the pictures your about to download on facebook. So, again extra precaution only friends can see your pictures.
4. Hide your email address on facebook. Here's how ----->> Go to your profile and click info. Scroll down and you will see your email displayed. So what you will do is click edit located at the right of your email address and change it to no one.
5. To be continued. If you guys have some ideas on how to make facebook secure, let me know.
That's all I can think of this time. So better check it next time for additional tips.

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