Happy Mother's Day To All Mom's.

Will i woke this morning and prepare breakfast for my son.And i called my mother in law and greet a Happy Mother's Day. Me and my son watching TV. I remember my mom back in the Philippines but she passed away and i missed her so much. Being a mom is hard or should i say so hard. You got to have a lot patience and understanding and all the ingredients to be a good mom. But as what the TV program said that a good mom is isn't perfect.A good mom is asking all the time am i a good mom? and guilt's. And this are true we sometimes ask ourselves am i a good mom? Did i handle things right? and so much more.
We mom on mother's day expect a gift or something that remember us. A bouquet of flowers is beautiful way to show appreciation. If you don't have the money just pick a flower in the backyard or weed flower hhheheheh that's how it means to us. I hope all the mother's in the world get what they wish for on mother's day. And Happy Mother's Day To All mother's in the world.

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