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I joined twitter for a quite sometime. And I'm glad i did. To me twitter it's like a diary,don't you think? Posting what you've been doing lately or today. It's a way of getting closer to your favorite celebrities and friends twitter members .I found a lot of them.

Twitter is a way for you to see what are your friends been up to or doing. You can only write 3 sentences in every tweet you post. If somebody followed you they will see your updates and vice versa. You can also hide your updates only for those who followed you. You can also change the background of your profile to have a nicer look.

I never thought that twitter is a huge deal until i saw it on Oprah Show and made Oprah joined together with a lot of celebrities which some of them i followed. So enjoy twittering guys and see you @ my twitter page the site for you to join now and don't forget to follow me by clicking the twitter icon above of my cbox.Enjoy!!!

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