How To Put Favicon Or Icon On Blogger.

A few days ago,i keep looking a trick on how to put favicon meaning favorite icon. I will show you next what is favicon or icon. A lot of ways to put favicon but a lot of them don't work to your blogger. So here are the easy step to achieve one.Before going the steps make sure your is 32x32 or 16x16 in size to work.To get the exact size simply go to this icon maker site Free Favicon. And for more explanation on how to put icon in blogger you can go to this blog Tips For New Bloggers. It works to me!!! Hope it will to your blog too.Good luck.Enjoy!!! :).

1.Go to your edit hmtl and find the code below.Next to <Head>. If you can't find it right away.Click ctrl f and paste the code below.

2.Copy and paste this code under it.But before that you have to know if your icon is gif,png or ico.And choose which one that fits.

Here are the choices.
For ico icons

For png icons

For gif icons

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